Split Tube Sampler

SPT Split tube sampler is utilized in the 'Standard Test Method for Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils', used for determining the bearing capacity of the material. SPT Split tube sampler is designed for non-cohesive soil formation such as sands and gravels from which it is virtually impossible to obtain undisturbed samples, where samples taken this way are considered disturbed.

SPT Split Tube Sampler is manufactured from high tensile alloy steel tube and SPT Shoe is heat treated to be hardened in order to give an optimum wear resistance.

PART # OD of Sampler Rod Connection
BR-ST001-01 2” (50,8mm) AW-BW
BR-ST002-01 2 ½ ” (60,3mm) AW-BW
BR-ST003-01 3” (76mm) AW-BW
BR-ST004-01 3 1/2” (88,9mm) AW-BW

Other diameters and rod connections can also be manufactured according to client request. Both rod connections are available at each SPT Split Tube Sampler as AW-BW rod.