Bupset Drill Rod

A certain wall thickness is required to open standard threads and most of companies use tubes with constant wall thickness. Barkom started working on upsetting drill rods in 1999 to find a solution to this limitation. Its own patented system increases wall thickness of both ends of tubes which enables opening threads to tubes with larger inner diameter.


  • Weight of the drill rod is decreased up to 30%.
  • Depth capacity of drill rigs are increased up to 30%.
  • The annular clearance between the rod and the inner tube is increased and this enables faster movement of core barrel.
  • Decreased weight eases handling and usage.

Upsetting is also used for conventional WJ threaded drill rods beside Wireline Drill Rods .Instead of friction welding threaded ends to a mid body tube, Barkom preserves the uniformity of rods by upsetting both ends and open threads afterwards. DCDMA standards are used to ensure compatibility.

Bupset Tij