Drill Rig

Barkom has a big market share for many years in diamond core drilling and as well as its own drilling equipment, Barkom got the distributorship of Hanjin Drill Rig very recently.

Hanjin D&B launched as a drilling machine manufacturer on 1988 and produces the drilling machines with high-tech engineering. Hanjin exported its drilling machines more than 70 country in the last 25 years.

Since 2010, Hanjin Drill Rigs are working in all over Turkey with Barkom’s guarantee and support. Barkom provides training and support before and after sales with its fast and reliable technical service.


Drill Rig



Barkom Group manufactures Underground Drill Rigs. BDU 400X specifically designed for underground diamond core drilling. Its modular structure enables it to fit narrow and confined areas of underground galleries. BDU 600 is designed to improve the performance of BDU 400X as well as adding new features to it. One of the major differences is the diesel engine and track system added to the rig.


BDU400X Underground Drill Rig

BDU600 Underground Drill Rig